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A mythical creature that was indigenous to the Pacific Ocean. According to Japanese records, It mimics the shape of a bull shark but on the underside, has two limbs that resemble human legs and feet. On the feet, it has razor sharp bones located on the instep which are very lethal and also known as "The Double Dorsals." These weapons are very unique to the creature and can take down the biggest of whales. In addition to being a major threat in the ocean, it is also amphibious. However, it is a predator in the sea but on land it walks very awkwardly.

"If one were to unlucky enough to encounter in the Pacific, one would definitely perish." -Yoshi Takamoto (16th century fisherman)
"Did you hear about the Dorsolivia they spotted of the coast of Oregon? It looks just like the drawings."
by Falcoski March 04, 2010
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