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1) The gentleman dork. A slightly bit more sociable dork who is unabashedly proud of his devotion to certain genre, activity, or culture yet finds him/herself in the midst of actual cool people. Often perceived as being silly, witty or funny when they are really just being super dorky. Often labeled an “enthusiast” rather than a dork, these cats are known to sip some good hoppy, bitter beer that’s named after them.

2) American Pale Ale, brewed by Eddie L., is for the real dorks who relishes the finer things in life, like a good flavorful, hoppy beer that is not pretentious

3) A complimentary beverage fit for an enthusiast of certain genre, activity, or culture. Drink a Dorq when you’re dorking out. The Only Beer that Really Gets You…
1) Leonard cracked open a bottle of Dorq while listening to Sheldon's rant. He tuned out the diatribe... while the memory of Penny's boobs floating by his nerd-chic specs

2) Hey Mike, do we have some those delicious Dorqs? Let's go to ESS lounge and play some darts!
by knasskrack January 11, 2012
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