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Officially coined by twistedbabydoll:

College dorm residents who participates in every single one of those cheesy dorm activities that Resident Assistants put together in order for hall residents to bond, gearing more towards Freshman. Some of the cheesy activities may include BINGO nights, board game tournaments, makeshift soccer teams, hall movie nights (held in the lobby for all the residents to come down in their jammy jams and watch a film), ice cream socials, meetings on how to bond in harmony with other hall residents, Halloween costume contests--basically activities fit for little children. Dorm dorks may also take up a position in the hall staff. Dorm dorks are usually upperclassmen who are holier-than-thou, trying all they can not to at least have a sip of beer because they are afraid a sip of beer will lead them into life of crime; Freshman are dorm dorks in training.

Dorm dorks are annoying and tend to nag other hall residents who chose not to participate in hall activities or make dorm room friends, therefore, they automatically think that student is depressed, suicidal, or schizophrenic when in reality, the student may just not be interested and might have friends outside the dorm.

The worst dorm dorks have got to be RA's or Resident Assistants.
Susie: Hey Jessica? Ayana? There's gonna be a tie-dye/hot dog party downstairs in the lobby at seven o'clock. I already got three pair of socks, an old T-shirt and a hat to tie-dye! You guys wanna come?

Jessica: No.

Ayana: Hell, no.

Susie: You guys are gonna so miss out!

Ayana: My mom tie-dyes. I can do it at home.

Susie: But you don't understand! Everyone's gonna be there! You guys never do anything in the dorm! I mean, c'mon. There's gonna be hot dogs and everything. And you can make new friends!

Jessica: Why do you thrive off of those cheesy, Kindergarten activities? We're not missing anything.

Susie: You guys are so not cool! You're gonna miss the hot dogs! And tie-dying is like, so exciting. You guys never do dorm activities. You two must be depressed. What a way to miss out on all the fun! (Susie storms out)

Ayana: Susie is such a dorm dork.

Jessica: She so needs a life outside the dorm building.
by twistedbabydoll August 17, 2007
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