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Also known as the "Mother of the Hall," "Dorm Mom," or "Hall Mom."

These types of "Mothers" are ONLY found in college campus residence halls; they are typically some girl in the residence hall that goes above and beyond to take care of the hall and its residents, even doing small things like washing the dishes that everyone leaves in the hall's kitchen area, or consoling others in times of grief/sadness. They may also go so far as to make sure their "children" don't go off and get themselves in trouble, or cause trouble, and ensure that they are well fed.

They are usually marked by their extreme kindness and outgoing nature, have good, if not, great grades, and should be the person you go to if you need help.

If you do not know, and really want to know who the Dorm Mom of the hall is, ask around your hall to see who they all think it is.

Note: If your Residence Hall is divided up into multiple Floors, typically there is a "Dorm Mom" to each floor. Also, if your Dorm Floor or the Dorm Hall itself has no girls in it, then obviously there is no Dorm Mom on your floor/in your hall. When I was in college, 1/4th of the floor in the Hall I was in, was Girl-Only rooms, and some floors in other Halls were Boys only.

Disclaimer: Just because there is only one or two girls on your floor/in your Hall, does not mean one of them is automatically the Dorm Mom. The Dorm Mom must exhibit multiple behaviors as listed above.
College Student 1: (Noting the dishes are cleaned) Oh...hey...the Dorm Mom (Dorm Hall Mother) must have washed the dishes.
CS 2: Yeah, I think she also washed and folded some laundry I accidentally left in the laundry room.
CS 1: She's freaking awesome.
by MetaRollover December 28, 2017
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