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Fans of the Demon Souls and Dark Souls series who think these two titles are the best role playing games ever existed, and will remain the best ever existed, until a new title in the series comes out. They also think it's the most difficult series of role playing games and are very sensitive about this issue. They flood websites and videos of other competing titles and spam the comments sections of these websites by trolling comments that bash these websites' respective games and other trolling comments that glorify their favorite series. They would spam the dislike button on any comment that even slightly hints at any negative aspect in the comment author's honest opinion. Likewise, they would mash the like button on their own comments. They seem to think that anyone who isn't bewitched by the series in the same way they are, is someone who is very bad at playing their favorite games. That's perhaps due to their inferiority complex that makes them feel so happy about themselves when they convince themselves that they are better than most at playing games that are so difficult, even though these games aren't that challenging.
Dork souls example:

average gamer: I think final fantasy 15 is very likely will become the best action role playing game ever.

dork soul: praise the sun!!! what about dark souls?!?!

average gamer: I didn't enjoy it that much, imho.

dork soul: LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! you must really suck at it huh?! LOL!! LOL!! LOL!!

average gamer: actually, I didn't. I still managed to beat it, but got bored most of the time.

dork soul: you're a liar!! if you really beat the game you wouldn't have gotten bored. you must've got beaten by the asylum demon then you cried and left the game. huh huh huh!!!

average gamer: I've beaten it (the asylum demon) on my first try.

dork soul: LIAR!!! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!! NO ONE CAN DO IT!!!!! errr... i mean I did it but it's impossible for you!

average gamer: what...? lol no i actually did it. it's just that the game was mostly boring. most of the time it's block, backstab, repeat. and most of the equipment you get is useless. oh, and then there's the dull, unimaginative art work...

dork soul: you suck!!!

average gamer: whatever.
by Mega Fan of Mega Man June 14, 2013
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