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The most interesting part of Belgrade City, Serbia. Legend has it that sometime in the late 70's early 80's , this is where the Serbian sub-language of "Shatrovacki" originated, when a group of young ruffians tried to rob a "magatsin" or storage facility. Historically this part of town is divided into 3 parts upper dorcol, lower dorcol and the badass "shipka" region. The majority of this part of Belgrade was built on an old Turkish cemetery, we know this from records but also because we keep pulling the fukers out of the ground till this day every time someone digs a new foundation for a house.
"The people of Dorchol are not that scarry I ended up giving them my shoes but ONLY because I wanted to"

"Officer I got my wallet taken from some Shiptars"
"How do you know they were Shiptars?"
"They had names like"Stipuj" "Ga nime" "Da ga" " Futim"

"U vugla"

{(Shatrovacki) "Pusti ga meni da ga futim u glavu}"
"Come on everybody do you feel the vibe where we from? Do-rcol side rockin this party till the early light, never seperated until the end of time" Zizi 1998 (Generala Mahina Br.5)
by SouthSlav August 04, 2009
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