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A dootsbomb requires great mastery of shit intercourse. To prep, you must give the girl a very rigorous anal enema (gasoline is preferred). Wrap her legs together with ace bandages like a maxi pad on a blue whale. Then you must position your ass on the girls, touching anuses. You must slowly but steadily shit with great accuracy, inserting your turd like a moist skinflute (ensure you haven't eaten taco bell in the last week ;) ) Add a pinch of salt and and some mustard or ketchup for taste. Lick the excess leakage and condements off. Repeat process for vagina. Then place her vagina and anus over your mouth and let 'er rip. Swish the dootsbomb inbetween your large tooth gap for the full effect. (You need to ensure that you swallow all of the dootsbomb) Wait 1 day and deposit the final product onto your neighborhood mexicans doorstep and proceed to engulf it in flames.
That guy Andy I met at Jill's house just gave me the most romantic dootsbomb last night. I can't wait till the next time! His chode was a whole inch long!
by HoffdaddyP103 November 15, 2014
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