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typically a Hispanic male name. these guys are unusually moody and difficult to decipher.

one may only encounter one Doonkan in their lifetime, two if they're lucky, for although they are complex creatures of the earth they will have your back 100% once they get to like you.
that's another thing, you don't get to like them, they get to like you. that's it. end of argument.

they love to argue, mostly for justice of all people and the sanity of their soul.
they often philosophy about their surroundings and how their world operates. their deep thoughts will often offer a helpful answer to any problems you have and if they don't, then they will usually let you talk your heart out about them. they are extremely easy to talk to and you will suddenly find yourself telling them everything about yourself even though you didn't want to.
in the end, although they are complicated intellectuals they are worth sticking with because once you realize that you love them it's difficult to hate them for more then a short period of time.
Friend 1: "dude, you can be such a Doonkan sometimes"
Friend 2: "man, but you gotta love me!"
Friend 1: ".......yeah."
by whatchalookinatfoo?! June 27, 2011
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a mexican version of a duncan. this is the name of an extraordinarly complex male. these guys are usually pessimistic, bitterly sarcastic, and ridiculously moody. they are on a constant emotional rollercoaster. if you get in their way, they WILL run you over. watch out, for although they look cute and cuddly, they will attempt to eat you.
Karrlllll.... Doonkan ate me...
you can be such a doonkan sometimes..
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