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A situation that occurs during anal sex when the female or receiver farts, causing a suction effect on the male's penis that is near impossible to break. Has been known to be powerful enough to break a man's back: this is known as "Mega Doom Hole."
"Jeff did not become paralyzed during the war. He had actually broken his spine after a nasty doom hole with a bitch hooker."
by a_nother_survivor November 19, 2009
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A secondary slot/hole above your original asshole. Sometimes collects dirt and other foreign items. Has been known to suck entire people in at one time. They are natural born defects that some people have. 1 in 1000 are born with them. If controlled and used properly, they can be more than just a useless little hole.
"Is that a second asshole?"
by Blackpubix July 07, 2009
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