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1.) A word made popular by comic Alex Steinaway often used by Asian-American comedian Michelle Hierholzer. adjective used to describe a person who says or does something really dorky. this term is usually used by females to describe a certain type of male.

2.) this term can also be used in plural form to sum up or describe a specific larger chunk of people or groups that are of the same kind and seem to have assembled all in one place at one time. people use this term to describe a group of socially awkward people who they do not relate to or who they do not want to be associated with.
1.) guy: did it hurt?
girl: did what hurt?
guy: when you fell from heaven...

2.) person #1: do you like justin bieber?
person #2: no
person #1: why not?!
person #2: because only doofwangs like justin bieber.

girl #1: how was the club last night?
girl # 2: one except a bunch of doofwangs.
girl # 3: gasp!!
by mh12341 October 18, 2011
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