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Doof on you is a game played where people have to imagine themselves having sex with various nasty people. The point of this game is basically to say hey see that nasty discusting person that no one would ever want to fuck??? you now have to imagine yourself having sex with them. It maybe nasty but it just makes you want to find the next nasty person and doof your friends.

Say for instance you were in a group and a really nasty fat ugly chick were to walk down the street you can yell "doof on you" to your friend. In the doofing game you must must!!! picture yourself having sex with the person that has been doofed on you.

The object of the game is to get the nastiest people and doof your friends... beware this game is addicting

To make it more fun you can describe the nasty things that they have to imagine doing with those people.

1. you cannot doof someone who is the same sex
2. You cannot doof menatally retarded or handicapped people.
Two guys and a girl are chillen at work, a really ugly nasty mexican construction worker walks by the window, on of the guys says doof on you to the girl. She must picture herself having sex and getting fucked by this nasty mexican worker.

Later on a big nasty fat woman comes waddling down the street. The girl says doof on you to one of the guys for the fat chick. This guy must now picture himself fuckin this nasty woman.
by NotSoBlonde016 April 27, 2009
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