Fake doodoo, usually made of plastic, chocolate bars, or clay.

Made famous in the movvie, "Caddyshack".

Good for childish pranks and gags.
Ricky went to the 4 Bears Waterpark on April fools day, unknowing to the public, he had some brown clay doo-do in his trunks in the shape of a large turd as he approached the waterslide. A a dozen or so people in front of him slid down the slide, Ricky released to doo-do as it slid out of his shorts' pant leg and skidded down the waterslide to the people splashing in the pool below. Yelps and screams emerged as the patrons saw the doo-do. 4 Bears Waterpark was closed for the remainder of the day.
by dwayne May 12, 2004
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