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A word said when one starts to say douche bag but decides mid-word that it would be innapropriate for his surroundings so he tries to say d-bag instead. It can also be used when someone feels the word douche is too harsh, yet has already started to say it.
Forrest sits at lunch as a teacher walks past the other side of the table. "Lauren, stop calling Tim a walking joke, you're such a doo-bag" (forrest tries to stop "douche" midword and replace it with "d", but is too far through "douche" and doo-bag comes out)
by forrestgumpiii July 29, 2011
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A small, dirty piece of male white trash, usually with an under-developed peachfuzz moustache, greasy longish hair (preferably a mullet), and a faded heavy-metal concert t-shirt. Usually the guy you go to last to buy a sack.
I don't go to monster truck rallies. Too many doobags.
by Steep Spiral February 03, 2005
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short for the infamous insult 'doushe bag', this quipt will earn a laugh, whether used as an adjective OR a noun.
'Allen, ur such a doobag!'
by Baxter September 11, 2003
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