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Any event, situation or gathering primarily attended by lesbians. The donut hole represents the vagina. The lesbians can then be further delineated by the type of donut they represent.

Plain Donut - Wallflower lesbian
Old Fashioned - Old lesbian
Chocolate - Black lesbian
Glazed - A lesbian who just finished going down on another lesbian
Powdered - Coked up lesbian
Jelly - Menstruating lesbian
Maple Frosted - Canadian lesbian
Cruller - Actually a tranny but passes as a lesbian OR a skinny lesbian OR any lesbian who owns a strap-on
Bear Claw - Fat, old lesbian who's responible for making new lesbians
Munchkin - Young lesbian
Lemon Filled - A lesbian who also has sex with men OR a lesbian who gets peed on by other lesbians, usually Bear Claws
"Wow. It's dyke night again? It's always a donut party here."

Similar to munchkin box, which relates specifically to high school or college-age lesbian events.
by thecentipede June 18, 2010
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