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Someone who likes to go to whorehouses with his dog.
He likes to take peanut butter and his dog into the bathroom with him. He then takes the peanut butter and puts it on his dick and lets the dog lick it off for the pleasure.
Someone who prefers to fuck his dog rather than anything else.
Someone who's grandma died, and they got her stuffed like a dead animal so that they could ejaculate on their forehead every night.
Dalton Ottolini: Oh baby, lets go do the Donovan Dickinson.

Woman 1: I''ll grab the peanut butter.

Woman 2: I'll get the dog.

Dog: Bark!!

Dalton Ottolini: Fuck!! He bit my dick.

Woman 1: Oh honey, your dick is only a centimeter long anyways.
by Phantom Carver March 06, 2019
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