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sensitive but trying to hide it well, self-centered but not self-absorbed. Has full of drama in life. naughty but has a sense of leadership.

strong and moody personality, but doesn't hold grudge, easily to forgive, forget and move on.

confident in a way that she knows, she did her best.

a girl who has a sense of humor who loves to make her friends happy in short funny, unique in her own ways because in a moment she dance and sing like she owns a stage. acts like, she is fearless even facing a man who's bigger than her, or she's like insane

in other words she is down to earth.

a very loyal girlfriend, and shows her love in various ways, not just in words.
She's acts crazy, she's like a Donnah.

I want to have a girl like Donnah.
by kokoylovethisgirl November 17, 2012
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An awesome chick. Smart, beautiful... way smarter than you!
Wow, that girl wishes she was a "D'Onnah".
by chelle0905 April 29, 2011
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The girl I fell in love with from the day I met her, she is funny, smart, caring and beautiful she has the most beautiful eyes and she has the power to make you cheerful on even your worst days.
An example of Donna H is an Angel.
by Danny September 30, 2004
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Donnah is usually a word associated with woman who are generally kinky, dirty minded smart mouths.
chick1: That chick just stole my boyfriend then bad mouthed me?!
chick2: must be a donnah,...
by rachbroyamum September 03, 2011
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