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1. The act of dongnobiting. This is generally a term used as a means to mean something that has no current meaning.

2. A term used to characterise someone who has perfected the art of bullshiting to such a degree that they can make the impossible seem probable.

3. A refrence to a race of retarded, cannibalistic pandas that are only found in Asian countries starting with with the word Q. They are often considered delicacies and are nature's natural Viagra.

God Jon, why am I such an awesome dongnobit.

As I travelled through one of the many Asian jungles found in Asia, I witness an adorable family of dongnobit pandas. After watching these dongnobits first hand, I shot a couple and ate their delicious panda flesh. However, because of my endevor, I got an erection that lasted for a whole year.
by MonkeyJujuu October 18, 2007
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