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The best of the best, excellent quality, someone or something of high status
1. Those 100 spoke gold rims are the Don Mega of all rims!
2. Have you seen Arnie in Pumping Iron, he has Don Mega arms!
3. I know the dollars you have, but this pinky ring is the Don Mega of all pinky rings!
by Garkus May 12, 2008
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someone of high status, cool, the shit...mostly used by juggalos
Why you tell me to listen to his word?
Cause he's a donmega and ur a nerd!
by JuggaloDIEkamba April 06, 2004
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DonDadda's 2nd in charge. Also known as James Kim to the Dondadda or one who oversees the DonDadda's bizznass.
by HIS JIZZNESS December 15, 2003
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