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arguable one of the best footballplayers ever. inducted into the football hall of fame as soon as it was greated. has his number, 14, retiered from the Green Bay Packers, Wisconsin's NFL team. went to and played college football at the University of Alabama, graduated in 1934. grew up with two brothers, ray and robert. had 99 career touchdowns, 488 career receptions, played for 11 seasons, scored 811 points. was mainly a reciever, but also a kicker and safety. named the league MVP twice, in 1941, and 42. said to haveinvented the modern football pass system. he also played profesional baseball on the Albany Senators, and got into college on a baseball scholarship.
man, don hutson's amazing, i wish i had my number for the packers much less play for them!
i think don hutson's arguably the best football player of all time
hey the reason i know all this is because don hutsons my dads uncle
by don's neice July 10, 2006
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