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Don’t Mug Us Off! consists of three pals that have jokes, drink low price cider and throw shapes. The bands message and religion (low price cider) is portrayed in their brutal sound which is delivered with such energy and raw power that it will leave the listener casting serious loner shapes. The brains behind the jokes are Ads, Jess and Robb, three pals who always have each others backs and won’t let any outsider mug them off infront of their pals. The trio met at CCCU and it was in the first week that Robb and Jess became good pals. They had seen Ads around and had safe chats but one special night drew Ads and Robb close together; When both battered from seperate nights on whisky and lager they threw the most immense shapes to Norma Jean and the chemistry was evident for all to see. Jess on this fateful night was being mugged off in a way they all learnt to stand against, because his pasta bake went cold. It wasn’t, however, long before they all bonded through their shared love of cheap cider, pro evolution soccer, casting shapes, beatdowns and mackin’ on (each others) honeys - thus the epic trio was born. The trio have received rave reviews from their pals for being such jokers at their private shows and in general everyday life. The band also welcome guest appearences, including Radu ’The (Romanian) Vulture’.
A band called Don't Mug Us Off! who play hardcore tunes.
by J.Lace April 23, 2008
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