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To cut a "middle man" out of a business deal for any reason without "middle man" permission. No matter how unreasonable, ridiculous or just down right stupid. Even if said "middle man" was the one who set you up with the new business contact in the first place. Even if going to the new business contact is more beneficial to you, out of some kind of far fetched, crazy person ideals you must throw all common sense and logic out the window and screw yourself to keep some idiotic, obviously desperate "middle man" happy.
"Hey, John If you want to purchase that car you need to come to me. "Don't cut my feet" and go to my boss we were friends 10 years ago and I need that commission even if it means you must knowingly screw yourself over."
"I know I set you up with my boss for that last sale so you could get a good deal because we are friends, but I'm a selfish douche and want to rip you off so "don't cut my feet" anymore by going to him instead of me or I will do everything I can to ruin your reputation until you have no choice but to come back to me."
"I don't care if you do business with my competitors because you know I'm completely untrustworthy, you are the only person I don't screw over in my business deals. Trust me. We were kind of acquaintances years ago I can't believe I even need to say this, but "don't cut my feet" like this."
by batshitcrazychic February 02, 2013
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