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Domming about refers to someone acting like an spaz/idiot in general, personal and public situations.

This can include but is not limited to:
- Fidgiting while watching a film/sport.
- Making weird noises
- Mumbling instead of talking
- Asking about things that haven't happened in a film yet
- Making chairs squeak constantly
- Making jokes nobody else gets
- Laughing at own jokes which nobody else gets
- Asking how to spell common words
reference of the movie: "I Am Legend"...
A: "Are they part of the infected?"
B: "No mate, they are Manikins"
A: "What is that manikin doing in that shop?"
B: "Looks like he placed it there"
A: "Did the zombies put it there?"
B: "No mate, I think he put it there"
A: "Why did he put it there?"
B: "I don't know mate, because he's lonely maybe"
A: "I swear one just moved, it must be infected"


and while watching any film, and Person A is Fidgiting a bunch...
B: "Mate, will you please stop Domming About?"
A: "Hughgha Murrbeeeallurgh Muh!"
B: "What mate? I can't understand you stop mumbling!"
A: "Burr?"
B: "Stop Domming About!!"


A: "How do you spell Please?"
B: "Stop Domming around!!!"
by killkrazy September 05, 2010
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