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A sweet guy that is a HUGE flirt but all the girls still love him. Nobody knows what makes him so charming but he is adored by everyone. One of the BEST friends anyone can ask for. No one doesn't like him. Gives the best advice. Acts like a boy at times but can be a man when you need him to be :) Also referred to as DOM.
Dominic Smith

Isabella :OMG! I was texting Dominic till 3 AM last night! :D

Lisa: Really? I was too!! He's so sweet!

Isabella: We're going to watch a movie on friday :)

Lisa: we're going on saterday!

Both: I LOVE Dominic!

Josh: bro, I've been going thru all this S#!t with my parents, I'm so mad!

Chris: Dude, me to. don't trip talk to Dom, he knows what to do
by RubOnMeForFree September 26, 2018
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A super gay dude who has gay orgies with male relatives and has a huge head and thinks he is super smart but he isn't
Jeez he is such a Dominic Smith

Breaking news a man just out of Marysville Ohio just Dominic smithed his under aged brothers
by Homosexual nigger September 29, 2017
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