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someone of the name Domenic, who thinks their a scene kid, when they make their myspace name 'Dom D00d'.
this applies to anyone who uses their name abbreviated, then with a 'd00d' at the end. 133t 5p34k is a normal thing for them. '' is also saved to their favorites, and the commonly reference cats that lol in ordinary sisutations
DC d00d,
Dom D00d
Dork D00d
Dinosaur jr. D00d ect.
Dom Dood: 0h41 1'm Dom D00d. 1 rly l1k3 101 c4t5.
Normal person: English please?
Dom D00d: 0h U 50 funny.
Normal person: uhh....
Dom d00d: 0h U b3tt4 hyd3. c31l1ng c4t w1ll b3 w4tch1n u
Normal person: im going to go now, *bail*
by istalkyou April 27, 2009
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