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Someone who has a great obsession over dolphins. They hope to be one when they are older. From the time this stage of obsession begins, they try to resemble a dolphin. Wearing all dolphin colors, with dolphins all over. Tattoos, sneakers, socks, and dolphins on shirts. A Dolphinia would visit aquariums all day and just stare at dolphins. They beg their parents to get a dolphin, only the idea being rejected. They try to stay underwater for as long as possible, practicing for the future. One day these Dolphinias will be successful. We just have to wait and see.
Karen is OBSESSED with dolphins. All she does is talk about dolphins and annoy people with facts about them. She is so desperate for a dolphin and she wants it NOW. She wants to be one when she is older...she is such a Dolphinia
by LlamasInTraining August 04, 2009
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