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A complete insult to dolphins. Complete asshat who thinks he's so superier b/c he's a jock who fucks every girl he comes across (or so he wants us to think) and thinks everyone else is a "fog who can't get themselves laid: or something like that. Poor real dolphins, don't deserve their bad name.
Dolphin X should not exist.
by Dolphin X hater December 07, 2004
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1. A friendless loser. Also see white trash, idiot, and baka.
2. A bigot; Extremely homophobic, and intolerant of anyone unlike himself. (Yes, I realize that this is hypocritical, since Dolphin X is gay yet he is intolerant of homosexuals.)
3. Before this post was created, when one searched for Dolphin X, no searches resulted. The closest finds were: zoophiliamasturbationerectile calestetics.
"Dude, you pulled a Dolphin X"

"You're such a Dolphin X" "But I don't ass-rape little kiddies while they scream for their mommies! How can I be Dolphin X?"

"Dolphin X felched his mom, then moved on to suck off his dog."
by Just a playa June 13, 2004
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