Slang for committing crime for money. Usually refers to low level criminal activity (aka the dirty work). Doin' dirt is commonly connected to drug dealing & trafficking, but doing dirt can be used to describe a wide variety of crime such as: robbing people, pimping hoes, running small-time gambling rings, assault+murder (for pay obviously) ect...
Lil man: Yaow man what you doin on the block at this hour?
Blood: Doin' that dirt lil nigga.
Lil man: Really? Can you hit me up with some weight?
Blood: Hell naw, your so young you couldnt even lift a Ki

Momma: Tiquita, where the fuck Jamal at, I gave him our foodstamps to go grocery shoppin 3hrs ago!?
Tiquita: Why momma? You know he's tryin to come up.. I bet he traded them for some work, he's prolly doin' the dirt right now on 116th and Lennox..

"I'm gonna cop some humongous guns so when I pop the mops and the sponges come, Ima keep doin dirt till i'm under some" -Cassidy
by netstryke December 15, 2005
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Can either be used to describe the act of having sex or smoking marijuana, easily confused and often awkward in conversations with people that don't know that there are two meanings
"Where's Kevin, isn't that his car?"

"Oh yea hes upstairs with jack doin the dirt."

"Wait, what? He's upstairs with jack... and he's doin..."

"No, no hes toking it up. yea they're definitely not getting freaky up there, or at least i'd hope not lol"
by Cameron J December 17, 2008
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