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Doily (doiley)
A doily is an elderly person, predominantly female, although some men, usually closet or repressed homosexuals fit the description.
Doilys are social misfits and hardly ever leave their homes before dark. They are nocturnal sleeping off overnight binges.

These persons are rabidly bigotted and hate anybody who is not white, christian and heterosexual and typically would vote BNP. (see also Wuggit)

Doilys are known for their alcohol addiction which fires ranting attacks en masse on anybody who disagrees with their extremist views.

To be labelled a doily is the ultimate insult to any rational sane person.

Doily (Doiley)

Margaret Rutherford wearing nothing but jackboots, pubes carefully shaved in a facsmilie of Hitler's moustache mistaking an AA meeting for a BNP rally and seig heiling the voddie bottle.
by Dr Kim Pirelli's aunty July 10, 2008
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