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The best freshman dorm at Loyola Marymount University. Lies in the middle of East Quad between Sullivan and Huesman. Reached its prime in the school year of 2008-2009. A place where it was 10 times as likely to find a beer than a soda in someones fridge. A building that recieved more abuse from it's residence than anything nature could possibly throw at it. It never would survive a weekend without having some sort of vomit-like mess in the bathroom or hallway trash cans. In Doheny not only was day drinking okay but in fact encouraged, even on weekdays. Home to the self-proclaimed 'doheney bros' who were often seen playing Mario Kart, Mario Party, or Blitz for the N64. Beer Pong would be played in the dorms here with the windows open and door bolted without a second thought. Doheny saw a large rise in smoking within its population, these newly found smokers could be seen any day or night at the circular fountain that sits in front of the building. Not as gay as Huesman or Whelan but not as stupid as Rosecrans. It has been rumored that not a single resident was written up inside the building. Common weekdays would include dank-smelling bathrooms and very angrily stomping neighbors from the floor above. A legendary few have actually been on the roof of this building, but their names shall rest untold.
Student 1: "What happened here last night man?"
Student 2: "What do you mean?"
Student 1: "The broken exit sign, bashed in fire hydrant, dented trash cans, rediculous amounts of empty cans and handles everywhere, it looks like you guys had a pretty out of control night here!"
Student 2: "No man, thats just Doheny Hall for you."
by Iam108Bitch June 17, 2009
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