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Psuedo-sexual relations in the position of traditional "doggy style" except instead of vaginal penetration, the woman puts her hand between her thighs and the man places his penis there instead. Unlike a hand job though, the woman just makes a tight fist, and the man does all the work.

Benefits: For the man, the feeling (with some lubrication) is surprisingly similar and the eye-candy of having sex in doggy style is almost identical. The benefit to the woman is that she can please her horny boyfriend with the moral overhead of a hand job and not have to "go all the way".

This position has also been referred to as Doggy with a Dike. This author is not sure why but presumably originating from a creative lesbian meeting some man's advances half-way.
Dude: Bro, I met this horny born-again chic last night. She didn't let me fuck her, but we did Doggy on a Leash.

Bro: So you just got a hand job then. Whatever

Dude: Try it sometime. I was hittin' that shit like crazy. Couldn't even tell the diff.

Bro: Thats okay, I don't go to Bible study classes to pick up girls.
by JD_from_Athens December 03, 2008
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