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In the Republican Southern Strategy, terms, phrases, and actions that evoke racism to racists, while being plausibly deniable to the press and the wider public. Much of this code is inherited from the pro-slavery code of the antebellum South.

The name is a reference to high-pitched dog whistles that people cannot hear, but dogs can.
Dog Whistle Code became an essential part of the Republican Southern Strategy after overt racism became unacceptable.

Barry Goldwater's Libertarianism was Dog Whistle Code for segregation at the 1964 Republican Convention.

Ronald Reagan's first Presidential campaign appearance was itself Dog Whistle Code, taking place in Philadelphia, Mississippi, the scene of the murder of three civil rights workers.

States' Rights

Originally, Dog Whistle Code for the right to keep slaves, then the right to maintain Jim Crow segregation laws, now the right to oppress any disfavored minorities, women, immigrants, GLBTs and the rest of the riffraff

Deficits don't matter (Ronald Reagan)

Because they hurt Blacks worse than Whites (Lee Atwater, explaining the Southern Strategy and Dog Whistle Code)
by Antibogotes October 05, 2010
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