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An adversarial team drinking game that rewards fast drinking, hand-eye co-ordination, athleticism and generally being a boss. A game of champions.

Rules (International Version)

Teams (3 a side) set up opposite each other on a flat open surface. A beer can is placed before each competitor and teams take turns attempting to hit the opposing teams’ cans with a ping-pong ball. Throw distance should be at least 2 meters, no blocking.

If you hit any opponents can you must down as much of your own can as possible. You must stop when the ball is retrieved, touched to the hit can and the word "Stop" is said. Feel free to substitute the word "Stop" for another, such as "Tits".

When each teammate has thrown their pingpong ball it is then the turn of the opposing team.

When your can is finished you must upend it over your head to show it’s empty and leave the table, taking no further part. The first team to have all competitors do this wins at life and coincidently, dodgebeer.

If a ball strikes a can and is caught before hitting another surface this is known as a "Snitch". The person who catches the "Snitch" then picks up their can and runs. They continue running and drinking (often simultaneously) until whoever threw the ball is able to tag them. No one can obstruct anyone in the chase.

Triple Hit:
If all players on a team score a hit they all receive another throw.

North America, but has spread across the globe like the norovirus at a scat party.
"Beer pong uses drinking as a punishment, not a reward, real men play Dodgebeer."

"Shit gets extremely real in Dodgebeer, I heard those Snitch chases are like the Bourne Ultimatum"

"This dickhead on the internet has got the rules of Dodgebeer wrong! This is a huge deal!"

"I've had the privilege of watching the most fierce, entertaining and amazing Dodgebeer event in the history of Dodgebeer."
by Dangerrr August 31, 2011
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