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1.) A term for sex. "Docking the millennium falcon" is an innuendo for finally having sex after pursuing it for a long time, just like how the galaxy in Star Wars pursued freedom.

2.) A term for when a man is mad at a woman but she gets out of it by seducing him.

3.) A term for female on male rape. In Star Wars, the Death Star pulls the Falcon into it's tractor beam, which would be equivalent to a woman forcing a man to make penetration.
Examples of Docking the Millennium Falcon:

1.) Damn, I chatted this girl up for MONTHS, but I finally ended up docked the millennium falcon.

2.) I was arguing with her, but that bitch got out of it by having me dock the millennium falcon!

3.) Dude... I had a rough night. This one ugly chick at the bar got me drunk and then forced me to dock the millennium falcon.
by KangarooUniverse April 15, 2018
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