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a play on the popular Doc Martens brand of shoe, referring to the walking shoes of University of Massachusetts Lowell students under the Chancellorship of former Massachusetts State Representative Marty Meehan. Chancellor Meehan's policies overcrowded the parking lots and sought to rectify the situation by requiring commuter students to park in new overflow lots a mile away from campus (ex. Salem Street Lot), or sometimes in the next town over (ex. Dracut's Pleasant Street Lot).

Similar to the use of "Hoovervilles" in reference to the failures of President Herbert Hoover.
Student #1: "I can't believe I was late to class again. It's bullshit, I was doing Screaming Meehans in the parking lot for 45 minutes!"

Student #2: "Dude, the only thing that's gonna get you to class on time is parking in Dracut and strapping on your Doc Meehans."


Student #1: "Not only did I get mugged walking back to the Salem Street lot, but I wore a hole in my Doc Meehans! @#$%!"
by TheDisgruntledCommuter February 18, 2010
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