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A middle age to elderly person so obsessed with their own dull, boring life that it leads others nearby to purposly overdose on heroin just to get through the one-way conversation. Often self-centered and oblivious to how miserable they make life for those around them. Willing to give medical, educational, relationship, cooking, dieting and financial advice based on a high school education from the 60's. Moderetly to severly overweight and in denial about the amount of calories contained in the 2 king size candy bars and 3 grease-ridden fast food meals eaten daily. Commonly uses the expression "long story short" and does not even come close to living up to the promise. Parent to the most vile offspring but blindingly unaware of their lack of tack or manners in every situation. Abuses any form of power given in any situation. Willing and ready to play the blame-game at any time. Overall a well-rounded parasite to the community they live in.
Doblinger: bla bla bla, my kids this, bla bla bla, my kids that, bla bla bla, well in my expertise, bla bla bla, agian with my kids, bla bla bla, I know everything, bla bla bla, I am too heavy, bla bla bla, that person is worthless; let me tell you why, bla bla bla, I have so much to do, bla bla bla.

Person nearby: (thinking to self, because to get a word in edgewise would be IMPOSSIBLE) Man, I should have smoke 2 joints before this shit. I wonder how long they will keep talking like this.... Do you think they will notice that I have been staring at the bugs crawl across the glass instead of paying attention. Hmmmm I wonder if I could fall asleep with my eyes open, NO I should get some of those glasses that make it look like your eyes are open when you are really taking a nap. Good thing I don't snore..... Shit I am going to need some better weed before I come back here again.
by loveless1234 March 11, 2009
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