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Doasulikies, or "Do As You Likies", are more commonly referred to as thieving gypsy scum. Spin off from the more commonly known Traveller.

They travel around rural England, where the countryside is both their toilet and their dustbin. They live in caravans pulled by their 2009 reg pickup trucks nicked from local farms, and run on red diesel, also nicked from local farms.

Despite not paying taxes, they believe they have a right to use the NHS and local services such as school, by definition, as they are 'travellers'.

They take no notice of any local or national laws, steal whatever takes their fancy, dump their rubbish, setup camp wherever they fancy and the police and government seem to be on their side.
Doasulikies live in caravans. Park up caravasn on land not belonging to them, along with 100 odd other pikeys. Often set up camp on Bank Holidays when local council are away for a while. Steal willy nilly, particularly like quad bikes. Illegally tap into electricity and water mains.

Oh, they will achieve bugger all in their life as well.
by IrritatedFarmer July 27, 2010
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