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Prank made by FC Dinamo Bucharest fans at the expense of their rivals, FCSB (the former club known as Steaua).

When FCSB played an UCL play-off against Manchester City on 16th of August, 2016, Dinamo fans dressed Steaua fans as to complete a choreography that said, in white and red colors (Dinamo's colors): "Doar Dinamo Bucureşti" (Only Dinamo Bucharest).

Probably the only prank at this level ever known in the ultras phenomenon. FCSB suffered furthermore humiliation, as they went on to lose that match with 5-0.
FCSB fan: Ha-ha, you never played in UCL!
Dinamo fan: Doar Dinamo Bucureşti!
by B.I-S August 26, 2017
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