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A Doanyy is a very persistent and very stubborn person. At first he can come off as a very cocky person who you don't want to get involved with, but he just likes to be right. To get along with a Doanyy you must know how to cope with his type. The bad thing about them is that they are always up and about. You need a lot of energy to keep up with the Doanyy because they are restless and capable of anything.
His stubbornness and persistence isn't all bad, sometimes it can lead you to try new and exciting things. Whether they be challenging, trying a new hobby or something excitingly physical. Doanyy's are a special type of people that love to please their ladies. They are very sweet and loving. Once a girl get's a hold of one I advice not to let go. They love trying new things out. They are also animal lovers and rarely hate things. The one thing that they do hate is mustard though. A Doanyy also loves to prove things wrong. Like it was said before, they love to be right. Overall, they are very nice and a person who you would love to have in your life. They are very funny too, even though sometimes they don't try to be.
girl- "hey do you know Doanyy?"
friend- "do I know what"
girl- "he's super cool! Come with me to say hi so you can meet him. You'll really like him"
friend- "uh ok (dang he's really cute!)"
by wooooooooa June 16, 2011
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