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It's what can be said when you have nothing else to say in a conversation, but you still want to leave on a good note.

Also can be used when someone continually asks you for advice.

It's simply a way to get out of a conversation. The real secret is to walk away once you say it.

To legitimize it a bit more, add "As they say" or "Like they say" to the front of the saying to add more value. It'll make them think that it's not just you saying it.
Person 1: "So my boyfriend keeps not picking up and i call him like 50 times a day, I don't know what to do"

Person 2: "Do as the Buffalo"


Person 1: "There's this girl at work that's so hot. I asked her out but she keeps saying no, what should i do"

Person 2: "Like they say, do as the buffalo" .... and walk away


Person 1: "Fack there's nothing on tv!"

Person 2: "You should do as the buffalo"
by redstyles April 14, 2014
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