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A dlopes is a safehouse (mostly tress) that runaway marshmallows and mushrooms can go to.

- Jeremy + Kiersten
The marshmallows used their gooey marshmallowy goodness to fly to the dlopes where their faithful mushrooms were waiting.
by Kiersten + Jeremy January 24, 2009
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A Dlope is a term usually referring to a mexican american with a stinky asshole. A Dlope is someone who has an opinion on just about everything and is usually left handed but shows signs of being amadextris. A Dlope generally will live alone as no one can stand the smell of their stinky ass holes. They usually will take off their underwear and hang them on cactuses because they get sick of the nasty ass poop smell.
Cole: Wow! what is that smell!?

Vinny: I-i-i-tt is this little mexican next to me he smells like a Dlope!

Cole: Who is that lefty standing on deck?
Vinny: W-w-w-here Cole? W-w-what you talkin about?? I Don't see anyone!!
Cole: Vindik he is standing in the on deck spot you crazy ass hole!
Vinny: Oh that guy.. thats Schmavid schmopez he is a genuine Dlope, can't you smell his asscrack stench from here?

Hale: Damn gangstas my roomate smells like aDlope. The worst kind!
David: Hey easy on the Dlopes man come on.
by January 14, 2010
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