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When you have sex with someone, but they just sit there and stare off. The act of getting the "d" is silent.
guy 1: hey brah did you have sex with her?

guy 2: yeah brah but i got django'ed.. she just sat there

guy 1: yeah that "d" sounds like it was pretty silent, my condolences for your self esteem

guy 2: smoke weed every day

"interchangeable conversation between men and women"
by julian forrest January 15, 2013
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Being Djangoed happens after your partner has climaxed, you stand tall and proud, look them in the eye and announce 'i like the way you cum boy'.

Similar to the pinnacle moment in the film Django Unchanged when Django finally get his revenge and says 'i like the way you die boy'.
'' i djangoed jack the other night''
'' and after she came i djangoed her ass''
by bambalina March 08, 2013
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