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A very fun drinking game. The rules are as follows:
1. Pour a Four Loko (or any other energized alcoholic beverage) into a wiffle ball bat
2. The person now has to chug the Four Loko out of the wiffle ball bat and the person watching has to count how many seconds it takes the other person to chug
3. Once done chugging, the chugger gives the wiffle ball bat to the watcher
4. However many seconds it took the person to chug is the amount of time the watcher gets to beat the shit out of the chugger.
John: Timenzo! It took you 25 seconds to chug. I now will proceed to beat the living shit out of you with this wiffle ball bat for approximately 25 seconds.

Timenzo: Fuck my Life!! Dizzy Four Loko Bat is Insane!
by realhoodnigga12345 November 24, 2010
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