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1: A statement expressing general well-being

2: An expletive signifying the onset of raucous carousal

3: An expression used to explain otherwise unacceptable diva-like behavior
"Hey, what's up?"
"Hay Hay it's Diva Day and we straight cray cray!"

"Dude, you just ate all of my beans!"
"Diva Day!"
by divaday April 03, 2010
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A statement yelled by bubbling cunts who have no respect for the people around them in a futile attempt to make up for the lack of attention their parents and peers gave to them when they were small children.
"How can I get the people at this party to watch me do the stanky leg?"
"Just obnoxiously yell Diva Day really loud!"

"Didn't anyone ever tell you that drinking someone else's last beer from the fridge is a douche move?"
"Diva Day!"
"We can't be roommates anymore..."
by diva day April 07, 2010
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