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People that hate the band Disturbed. Most of them should be shot and be foreced to watch themselves bleed to death.
James-STFU Alex they suck Blick-182 own
Alex-Blick-182 fucking sucks
by the ownnage master January 21, 2005
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The only sane people in the entire world. They recognize that Disturbed is just audible dog shit and should be treated as such. These people may or may not burn Disturbed memorabilia, but it just depends on how dedicated to music they are. With a singer that sounds like he gargles sperm before a session and guitarists that sound like 14 year olds trying to be "rock stars", this band may be the worst band in the history of music. Tied for the lead: Nickelback.
Asshole: Hey, did you hear the new Disturbed song? Oh's all over the radio! Disturbed haters don't know what they're missing!

Person: Oh, I don't listen to watered down bullshit nu-metal/alternative stations because I actually respect music. and love my ears. If I were to listen to Disturbed, it would be the same as picking up dog shit and pressing it into my ears until I could hear the dog shit decomposing.
by Dick Pance July 10, 2008
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