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Distraction Action: When one is so stressed out and can't handle all the pressure that they are experiencing they need a DA...Distraction Action!!! Calling a good friend, boy toy, girl toy.. to engage in good old fashion hip pounding, ass slapping, body licking, back breaking, knee replacing, hair pulling, body grinding, heavy sweating, hardcore never ending SEX!!! Bring it all and bring it often and dont make any plans for the rest of the day...Blue pills if needed for extended play....;)
Anna: I am so over this shit..I can't handle it anymore... There is only one thing left to do!! Distraction Action Baby!!! I am calling Ted right now and forget about seeing me for a few days!! I need a good DA to forget about everything...Bring it on Baby!! Anna needs a DA!!!
by Mr. FD February 25, 2010
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