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The Church of Disneyworldology worships Disney World in Orlando, Florida which was made by the Creator.

1. The whole world originated with Disney World, and The Creator created Disney World to put his will on Earth.
2. His will is to uphold innocence and goodness and all that is right.
3. Four* times daily Disneyworldologists must face Disney World and pray to it. They must also make a pilgrimage at some point in their lives (the more the better of course) to Disney World. They also often visit the other holy sites of Disneyworldology at some point.
4. The Creator will rise again and return to restore Disney World to its original intentions, first changing the Stitch ride back to Alien Encounter and secondly removing Johnny Depp from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.
5. One should study the Holy Text of Disneyworldology, the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World so that they can become closer and have a better understanding of the Creator.

*4 is the number of parks in Disney World, a very important number in the Church of Disneyworldology.

1. Things existed before Disney World. Really that is an illusion that the Creator made to separate the believer from the non-believer.
2. Disney Land came before Disney World. Actually, it is just a holy site that was created by the Creator, but like all things originated in Disney World.
3. The countries in the Epcot World Showcase may seem like they are based on other countries, but in actuality the other countries were created in the image of Epcot.
According to Disneyworldology, there is only one World and Mickey is its prophet.
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