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Someone who claims to be a very big sports fan, or pretends to know a lot about a sport, but really doesn't have any idea what they are talking about. This can be applied to really any sport. These people usually become more prevalent and obvious at times such as any types of finals like the NBA of the NFL, the World Cup of soccer, or the world series of baseball, but there are a good number of people like this all throughout the year. red flags include jumping from team to team, picking the best team or player at the moment as their favorite, and using vague language so you cant tell if they know what they are talking about. "that player/team didnt show up" and "they need to play more defense" are common examples. Based on the idea of the Disneyland dad.
The world cup is coming up, so all the disneyland fans will certainly be parading their fanaticism of soccer soon.
by atthedriveinbkr June 08, 2011
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