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Where little kids or the middle/highschool freaks who worship and idolize the gay fags on disney channel. This condition can be very serious and these psychos will threaten you with death or harming you if you dare to threaten there idol. But it is always fun to mess around with these kids. Some common idols that trigger Disney Kid Syndrome are: The Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana, those little queers
John: Dude, have you seen those queer Jonas Brothers, they're worse than all those boy bands from the 90's

Stacey: OMG!!! Are you kidding, the Jonas Brothers are the biggest hotties, they are way cooler than you are, your just jealous!

John: No way. Those queers are gay.

Stacey: How dare you!! I think I'm gonna have to kill you now for making fun of them!!

John: God, chill out, you really do have Disney Kid Syndrome.
by ZJRI July 16, 2008
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