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A girl (or adult woman) with an unnatural obsession with anything Disney. This type of breed will have a current Disneyland season pass, most likely have unrealistic views about life/relationships and will generally be overweight. Interesting enough, most have an attractive allure about them that entices the beta male into their fantasy world. Most had a great childhood, but never really progressed beyond there. They usually share the same mantra of "if only life were more like Disneyland".
Bro, I dated a Disney in the beginning, but kinda got weird.
by SolidSession March 12, 2014
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They're girls who want "Disney" movie relationships but they're too much of a thot, and they also decide to hate on others' relationships
This slut named Ashley used to be my friend until she became a Disney chick and tried to break me and my boyfriend up
by Thisisit222 October 12, 2015
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