1- Story made for general audiences to believe that it has a happy ending, but in reality (which is hidden from them), the story actually ends in tradegy.

2- To lie to someone by making the real story seem good or happy, when in reality it´s something baaaaaaaad.
Pia: You know that movie that just came out?
Rithi: Yeah, Deerfield Beach High Musical! I love it, i has such a happy ending!
Pia: No it doesn´t, in the end the guy cheats on the girl and leaves!
Rithi: But it doesn´t show.
Pia: It does at the end of the credits.
Rithi: OH! No wonder…
Pia: That´s such a Disney Story…

Ian really told Raquel a Disney Story when he said he was moving to Alaska, but he actually just wanted to break up with her.
by David/Franco/Kiity/ Archuleta January 22, 2009
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